Welcome to TOP machinery co., LTD!

Top Machinery is a professional and famous manufacturer of filter equipment, wedge wire screen and mineral sieves. Our products are mainly used for oil, paper making, chemical industry, the liquid gas, food, sugar, starch, beer, water treatment, sand control water Wells, coal washing, mining and other industries. 

Our main products are Ion exchanger, scrapping self-cleaning filter, back-flushing filter, modular self-cleaning filter, micro-screen rotating drum filter, inward/outward water drum filter, wire-wrapped screen, sieve plates, sieve bend screen, arc screen, screen basket, nozzle, hub and header laterals and resin trap, etc. 

Our company always cooperates with some famous universities to develop new products and provide our customer great technical support, we have certified to ISO9001:2008 and other professional certificates. With our consistent effort, our machinery is supplied to more than 30 countries. By virtue of excellent quality, competitive price and good after-sales service, our products are very popular in many overseas markets, such as USA, Russia, Italy, Romania, Canada, Slovakia, Turkey, Iran, India, Brazil, Vietnam and other countries. We also have our representative offices overseas for providing after-sale service, such as Slovakia, Romania, Canada, Iran, Vietnam, Brazil and India. 

Our idea is “the customer is the first”. It means “saving money for you, providing high-quality products for you, five star service for you”. You are welcome to visit us!